Stratford Park Sunshine

I met up with Rachel & her family a couple of weekends ago. I was introduced to Olivia the bearded dragon; the boys excitedly told me all about her and insisted she ought to have some solo portraits - a first for me - she was very well behaved! I had lots of fun collaborating with the boys on ideas for the shoot, they came up with some brilliant locations as well as some fantastic poses.

I really welcome and encourage collaborative ideas when I'm asked to photograph people - especially from the kids as they enjoy getting involved and feel a sense of achievement at the end of the shoot. I even handed my camera over to the boys - which they LOVED!  Below are some of my favourite shots!

Olivia striking her best dragon pose!

Mum & Dad - by Stanley. He chose the location and even picked a couple of daisies for his parents to hold : )

Henry - by Stanley. A reportage moment!

Stanley - by Henry.